Darksite Dobsonians

Zhumell Z12
Meade Starfinder 12

These 12" solid tube dobsonian scopes on Alt/Az bases are stored at the Dark Site in the Dobshed because they are too large and bulky for the general program. They are reserved for use at the Darksite only. See the loaner telescope chairman for training in using these scopes. A great way to avoid taking a scope to the dark site and yet still being able to do some serious observing.

Aperture: 308mm (12.13 inches)
Focal Length: f
Mount: Dobsonian
Tracking: Manual
Kit Items: Meade 4000 series eyepiece case with: 1 1/4" - 6.4 mm, 9.7 mm, 12.4 mm, 15 mm, 26 mm, 32 mm, 40 mm 1 1/4" sight tube extension 2" OPT 50 mm eyepiece 2" Zhumell 30 mm eyepiece 2"
Weight: heavy & bulky
Recommended Experience Level: Beginner
Current Status: AVAILABLE

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