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Messier Marathon Resources

The resources page includes a form for logging your Messier Marathon observations, a cheat sheet to help you prepare for the marathon using Stellarium, and a Stellarium script which removes the deep sky object (DSO) clutter so you can view just the Messier objects. The HAS Messier Marathon is coordinated by Rene Gedaly.

HAS Texas 45 Observing Program

Are you interested in developing skills in observational astronomy? Want to see all kinds of objects throughout the year? Try our home-grown observing program called the HAS Texas 45. It’s designed to feature objects we’re lucky enough to see from our Dark Site near Columbus. Observers who complete the program will be presented a pin and/or a certificate of completion at the HAS General Membership Meeting. Brand new to observing? Check out the presentation From Stargazer to Visual Observer: The HAS Texas 45. The HAS Texas 45 program is coordinated by Rene Gedaly
Learn more about the HAS Texas 45 Observing Program.

HAS Texas 45 Astrophotography Program

For those of you interested in capturing your photons on a sensor instead of your retina, our astrophotography program is for you. Taking it’s cue from the original HAS Texas 45, we’ve created the astrophotography equivalent of the program. The objects selected can be successfully imaged from the Dark Site with a wide range of equipment and some patience. Astrophotographers who successfully complete the program will be presented with a pin and certificate of completion at the HAS General Membership Meeting. This program is coordinated by Chris Ober.
Learn more about the HAS Texas 45 AP Program.

Kids Program

This program is designed to get kids started in observational astronomy under the dark sky at our observing site.  It features quality equipment that kids can handle, and guided instruction by seasoned astronomers. This program is coordinated by Bram Weisman.
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Messier Program

This deep sky challange program identifies 110 of the most-observable and beautiful objects, visible in the northern hemisphere, that we as novice and more experienced astronomers alike, can enjoy searching out and observing. This program is coordinated by Jim King.
Learn more about the Messier Program

Novice Program

Amateur astronomers do what they do because they want to do it, because they are interested in how the universe works. Most of us are not professional astronomers, and most of us have no formal training in astronomy. We all start somewhere, and we’re all novices at some level. To meet the needs of novice amateur astronomers the HAS has a novice presentation once a month at 7 pm before the general meeting, which meets at 8 pm. The program is coordinated by Debbie Moran.
Learn more about the Novice Program.

Outreach Program

The Houston Astronomical Society is actively working to engage the public in the joy of amateur astronomy by providing public outreach events in the Houston area. HAS members have been to schools, civic associations, park areas, and libraries with their telescopes and with their enthusiasm for astronomy to provide opportunities for the public to see and to learn about the sky. The program is coordinated by Kailash Mirpuri.
Learn more about the Outreach Program.

Telescope Loaner Program (Available to Members Only)

One benefit of membership in the Houston Astronomical Society is access to the variety of telescopes that are part of the HAS Loaner Scope Program. This program allows members who don't own or have access to a telescope to borrow one for touring the night sky. The program is coordinated by Allen Wilkerson.
Learn more about the Loaner Telescope Program.

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