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President Stephen Jones
Vice President Mark Ferraz
Secretary Don Selle
Treasurer Bonnie Neuren
Observatory Director

Chris Ober

Immediate Past President Joe Khalaf


Board of Directors

Director at Large Bram Weisman
Director at Large Celsa Canedo
Director at Large Chris Morisette
Director at Large Doug McCormick
Director at Large Rene Gedaly
Director at Large Walt Cooney


Standing Committee Chairs

Audit Bill Flanagan
Education & Outreach Dan Roy
Field Trip & Observing Walt Cooney
Membership Celsa Canedo
Novice Chris Morisette
Observatory Chris Ober
Program Don Selle
Publicity Bram Weisman
Telescope Harry Wright


Ad Hoc Committee Chairs

Astronomical League Coordinator Stephen Jones
HAS Texas 45 Observing Program Rene Gedaly
Observatory Training Rene Gedaly
Special Interest Groups  
   Astrophotography SIG Don Selle & Chris Ober
   Binocular SIG Craig Lamison
   Electronically Assisted Astronomy SIG   Carlos Arieu
   Visual SIG Stephen Jones
Web Technology Mark Ferraz