Celestron Custom

CGGEM Orion 10"
CGGEM Custom 8"

An extremely interesting setup. This setup will allow the borrower to have three (3) possible setups. The standard CGGEM on a field tripod using either a C11 SCT F/10, an Orion 10" Newtonian F/4.7, a custom made 8" Newtonian F/8.3. The Orion and custom Newtonians also have motorized Moonlite focusers (but not the C11). In addition, the Orion and custom Newtonian have "poor man" rotating rings - a clever use of split rings with a collar ring allows the OTA rotate. When you borrow this setup you must specify the OTA - C11, Orion 10, or custom 8. (The planatery views thru the custom 8" are some of the best I have ever seen.)

Aperture: mm (0 inches)
Focal Length: f
Mount: German Equatorial
Tracking: Goto
Weight: heavy, bulky, and clumsy (do not scratch that 8"!)
Recommended Experience Level: Intermediate
Current Status: CHECKED OUT

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