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Original article appears in GuideStar February, 2021.


by Rene Gedaly

If you were one of the 295 members who joined HAS in 2020, you received a survey from me on December 30th. Twenty-twenty was truly a different year, for American society in general and for the Houston Astronomical Society in specific. One of the better ways we adapted to a world dominated by pandemic was by renewing our interest in outdoor hobbies, astronomy included. You are part of this explosion in amateur astronomy. Welcome. 

As your membership liaison, though, I was very curious whether we at HAS were hitting the mark at keeping your interest in astronomy alive. Joe and all the volunteers on his team have been hard at work trying to do just that. Evangelists, you could call us. Astronomy is for many of you either a brand new hobby or one you've decided to return to after perhaps decades occupied by the demands of work, family, and school.

So what did the survey say? Well, we're very gratified by your responses. I'll include some graphs below that summarize what you told us that worked and what didn't. Thank you so much for your personal remarks, too. The survey is closed, but Joe Khalaf, HAS President, would be happy to hear from you. Contact him at [email protected]Rene Gedaly

And now for the survey results ...

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