President's Message

Original article appears in GuideStar August, 2014.

by Bill Pellerin, President

The HAS Bylaws

There are numerous changes that need to be made to the HAS by-laws to simplify it and to make the business of the HAS more manageable. We’ll be looking at revising the quorum requirements, the committee organizations, and other improvements that we want to pass on to the next executive team and board. If you have any suggestions, send them to me and I’ll discuss them with the committee.

The HAS Elections for 2015

This is the August GuideStar, and the nominating committee is obliged by the bylaws to present candidates for the various elected offices of the HAS at the October meeting. The nominating committee must be formed and announced by the September meeting. You can get a jump on the nominating committee by contacting our VP (Rene Gedaly) and expressing your interest in one of the elected offices. There are 4 officers, 5 board members, and 9 committee leaders to be nominated. Read the by-laws to get the list of elected positions. There’s a link to the by-laws at the bottom of the home page of the HAS web site.

Great Things Happening

You’ll see in the Observatory Corner report in this issue that we’re soon to have an all-sky camera at the HAS observing site thanks to a donation for this purpose from one of our members. Thank you very much. There’s nothing like being able to see what the sky looks like at the site before you make the trip out there and the camera will give you that opportunity. Our program committee — Brian Cudnik and Steve Goldberg are doing a great job recruiting speakers for the HAS meetings. These speakers provide an extra incentive for members to attend our monthly meetings.

Meeting Videos Available to Members Only

The board voted to restrict access to the meeting presentation videos to members only. Links to these videos are on the HAS web site. The board believes that access to the videos adds value to a HAS membership and assures the speaker that his or her presentation will be available to a limited audience.

Parking for the HAS Meeting

Parking for the HAS meeting is in a new place due to the construction of the new football stadium. This new parking place will be the permanent location for parking going forward. See the information in this GuideStar or on the HAS web site.

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