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Original article appears in GuideStar November, 2015.

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All Clubs Meeting: The Gang Was All There

Due to the inclement weather, Astronomy Day was rained out—did you get your RainedOut alert? But it was a big turnout for the All Clubs meeting and many HAS members were there. Dr. Patricia Reiff, Professor of Physics and Astronomy at Rice University, gave a great talk—if you missed it and you’re a member of HAS you can watch it from the website. Log in to and click Recorded HAS Presentations from the Member Features menu along the right-side banner. Thanks again to our videographer Rob Morehead for making this such a special benefit of membership.

I also had the privilege of meeting student member Clay Parenti at the All Clubs meeting along with his parents and younger sister. Clay and dad were sporting shirt patches from the Astronomical League Convention in Las Cruces, NM that they attended this past July. Mom is on the Board of Visitors of the MacDonald Observatory and Sis is also into astronomy. What a great experience to meet this family who are all active in astronomy.

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