Letter from the President - September 2021

Original article appears in GuideStar September, 2021.


NGC-7635-The Bubble Nebula is located in the  constellation Cassiopeia – by Loyd Overcash
Its “bubble” shape was formed by the stellar wind from a nearby star.
Taken from Ft. Davis on 8-3-21 with the ZWO-2600mcp camera and a 11" Celestron Hyperstar @f2. Exposure was 75 minutes taken in 3 minute subs.

One of the things I’m always amazed at is the amount of astrophotography expertise we have in our club.  Now, admittedly, I’m not an astrophotographer, nor am I sure I want to go down that route (I still enjoy hunting for faint fuzzies through an eyepiece), but the work of our astrophotographers absolutely amazes me.  Many of them are fairly accomplished, as well, having been published in various astronomy magazines, major astrophography websites, even in National Geographic.  You don’t have to look far to see some of the great photos our members are capturing.

It dawned on me that many of our astrophotographers love to share their work and do so on our internal, members-only Facebook group very often.  But why not share their great work with the rest of the world?  To assist with that, our Publicity group is making our social media platforms available to any of our members who want to share their astrophotos more widely.  Any HAS member who wishes to have their astrophotos published on our social media sites simply needs to send us the image to photos -at- astronomyhouston.org (just substitute -at- with the @ symbol).

Please be sure to include some details that will help others know what you’ve done.  Include the object name, what equipment you used to capture the image, and any other pertinent information that might be of interest.  If you have social media handles on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, send those to us so we can tag you and give you proper attribution.

So far, we’ve had some great participation by our members in this program.  Several of you have provided us with some of your great images and the response from our followers has been really positive.  Hopefully, this leads to more exposure to you as astrophotographers and allows others to know just how great you all are!

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