It's all about the planets at Westbury Community Garden

by Amelia Goldberg
Astraea.PNGWe had another great outreach event at the Westbury Community Garden last night. We were able to share views of the Moon, Venus, Jupiter, Saturn, Mars and Albireo with the public. We estimated that between 100 - 125 people attended the event.  We had 9 telescopes. Steve and I had many interesting conversations with attendees and I’m sure the other telescope operators did, also.
Many thanks to Ed Fraini and his wife, Anita and daughter, Karla Zielke; Lauren Herrington and parents, Lisa and Marc Morgan; Jim King; Debbie Moran; Dan and Rebe Roy and Eric Utrecht for coming out. We really appreciate it.

Editor’s note: Develop telescope skills or keep them sharp by joining our many Outreach events. Bashful? Contact [email protected] and you will be paired with a more senior member who will place an object in your eyepiece that you can keep trained on during the event. 

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