Field of View - March 2020

Original article appears in GuideStar March, 2020.

Notes from the Editor

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Don Selle

Welcome to the March 2020 issue of the Guidestar, the award-winning monthly newsletter of the Houston Astronomical Society.  If you take the opportunity to check out the Guidestar issues that are archived on our website, you will see that there is almost 20 years’ worth of back issues available to download. That is only part of the story, since the Guidestar has been in publication almost as long as HAS has existed. It has been, and I hope it will continue to be the primary means by which we communicate, enlighten and nurture a community of amateur astronomers in the greater Houston area. ...

These days, the general public’s interest in astronomy news is at a relatively high level. There are lots of sources on the internet that respond to this interest and that is a good thing. The Guidestar however, brings something different to the party. It brings the perspective and interest of our community of amateur astronomers; individuals who not only love astronomy, but who are motivated to actively participate in astronomy, to see things for themselves with their own eyes, and who love to share their experience with others through public outreach events.

I am thrilled to have the opportunity to follow in the footsteps of the dedicated and talented editors who have preceded me in this position and to serve our membership by compiling the Guidestar every month. While I have taken on the responsibility of publishing the Guidestar, I cannot do it alone. If the Guidestar is to be successful, it will be due to the work of the HAS leaders and members who provide the content and ideas for each issue. Yes, our leadership will play a significant role, it is expected of them, but it is the input of our members that will truly make the Guidestar successful. We need your input and ideas, and if you are so inclined, we would love to publish your articles.

This is our initial issue after a reorganization and a gap of several months and it is a work in progress. Over the next several issues we will be adding additional items of interest such as an astrophotography how to column, a feature from the archives as well as a resource or two to help you get on the “front lines” of astronomical research. We have also taken the significant step of making this an email newsletter. Gone are the days you will need to download a full issue pdf to read what interests you (though the pdf will still be available).

Please let me know what you think of the new Guidestar. Let me know what you would like to see in your newsletter, and your ideas for content at [email protected].

Cheers and clear skies

Don Selle

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