The Eiffel Tower - Asterism of the Month - June 2020

Original article appears in GuideStar June, 2020.


By: Steve Goldberg

Eiffel Tower-1.JPGAsterism: a grouping of stars that form a recognizable pattern.

This month we have a two for one special! There are two Eiffel Tower assterims, one in the constellation Ursa Major and the other in the constellation Gemini

Constellation: Ursa Major Constellation: Gemini
Right Ascension: 13h 10m 00.0s Right Ascension: 06h 07m 25.0s
 Declination: +57 °31' 00" Declination: +24° 05' 48"



This asterism and star cluster NGC 2158 both look like the famous tower in Paris, France, the Eiffel Tower.  The asterism is easy to locate because of its proximity to the Mizar and Alcor stars in the handle of the Big Dipper, as seen in this finder chart.  The second, categorized as a star cluster, is very close to M35 in Gemini.




In a 13mm eyepiece at 147x magnification, this is the view in the eyepiece of the asterism Eiffel Tower.





The cluster NGC 2158 looks like an Eiffel Tower, also. In this chart, the cluster is to the upper left of M35, which makes it easy to locate.

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