Do you have back issues of the Guidestar?

Original article appears in GuideStar August, 2021.

I’ve had a project on the back burner for years now, H.A.S. history buff that I am. Some urgent club business always seemed to pop up, though. Now, by golly, I and John Chauvin, are determined to scan and upload all the back issues of the Guidestar to the website. But we need your help locating some missing issues. Specifically issues from August 1992 through April 1998 inclusive.

We do have issues dating back to 1998 on the website, but the first Guidestar, Volume 1 No.1, went to print February 1983. Wow. And did you know we still have members from back then, yours truly and John included?

So how about a stroll down memory lane? I’ve scanned and uploaded Volume 1 No. 2, the March 1983 issue of the as yet unnamed newsletter. I’m listed in the Welcoming function under my maiden name. A lot of other names are in there, too, including John Chauvin, the first Guidestar editor.

Let us know! And special thanks to Bruce Campbell who provided so many of the back issues.

Rene Scandone Gedaly
[email protected]


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