Asterisms - The Funnel

(Posted 12/15/2019)

By: Steve Goldberg

Asterism: a grouping of stars that form a recognizable pattern.

Constellation: Lepus
Right Ascension:  05h 45m 56.0s
Declination: -15o 57’ 07”
Magnitude: 8 to 9
Size: 10”
This month’s asterism is the Funnel. Located in Lepus, “below” Orion and to the “right” of Canis Major.











Lepus is named for the animal hare. Some stories have it that Lepus is being chased by Orion’s two dogs: Canis Major and Canis Minor. Other stories have the hare as being chased by Orion himself.




In a low power eyepiece, you can see the asterism. The tip of the Funnel is in the center of the FOV, with a string of stars going to the upper right and upper left.

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