Asterisms: The Teaspoon and The Lemon in Sagittarius

Original article appears in GuideStar July, 2020.

Originally Published in the August 2017 Guidestar

by Steve Goldberg
Asterism: a grouping of stars that form a recognizable pattern.
Constellation: Sagittarius  
Right Ascension: 19 h, 04 m
Declination: -24º 44’
Magnitude:  Naked eye
Size: 8o x 4o

TheLemon.PNGIn the constellation Sagittarius, the Teapot, there are two asterisms that share common stars: The Lemon and The Spoon. These asterisms comprise the line of stars to the “upper left” of the Teapot, attached to the “handle” of the Teapot.

The “Lemon” is thSagittarius.PNGe lower 3 stars: Pi π, Omicron ο and Xi ξ. 

TheTeaspoon.PNGThe “Spoon” includes the “Lemon” with 2 additional stars at the top. Starting with the “highest star”, they are: Rho ρ, 43 Sgr, Pi π, Omicron ο and Xi ξ.
Since the Teapot’s spout is spewing steam or hot water creating the Milky Way, you need a Teaspoon to put the Lemon in your tea.


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