Asterisms – Triple Double, Theta Tau

Original article appears in GuideStar March, 2017.

by Steve Goldberg

Asterism Theta TauAsterism: a grouping of stars that form a recognizable pattern 
Constellation: Taurus
Right Ascension: 04 h, 30 m
Declination: 16° 00’

As mentioned at the Novice seminar in January, 2017, the asterism “Triple Double” is easily seen in small telescopes. It is located in Taurus, near bright star Aldebaran. Going from Aldebaran to the “point” star in the head of the bull (Gamma 54), the asterism is the naked eye star, Theta, between the two. In the eyepiece you will see 3 pairs of 2 stars around the field of view. The groups of stars are: Theta 1 and 2, and 80 and 81, and the pair in the upper left of the FOV (field of view). The FOV in the second picture is from a 10” telescope with a 15mm eyepiece.

Future asterisms: “37”, Coat Hanger, Star Gate and NGC 457 (“ET”). If you have a favorite asterism, let me know.

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