October 2022

**CANCELLED** Annual Picnic & Star Party Saturday, Nov 19, 2022 **CANCELLED**

Minus 57 Degrees at Our Dark Sky

by Kay McCallum



Begin with Rigel and wander downriver to Achernar at declination -57.

Bright enough to show through the treetops at our dark sky site, members can log the star Achernar on the Autumn section of the Texas 45 list.

You may see a picnic in the trees; join us!

Cepheus: A House Fit for a King; Night Sky Network

by David Prosper

Astronomers have another association with this northern constellation; inside its borders lies the namesake of one of the most important types of stars in modern astronomy: Delta Cephei, the original Cepheid Variable.


If a star is found to be a Cepheid, its actual brightness can be calculated versus its observed brightness. From that difference, the Cepheid’s distance can then be estimated with a great deal of precision. This revolutionary discovery unlocked a key to measuring vast distances across the cosmos, and in 1924 observations of Cepheids by Edwin Hubble in what was then called the Andromeda Nebula proved that this “nebula” was actually another galaxy outside of our own Milky Way! You may now know this object as the “Andromeda Galaxy” or M31. Further observations of Cepheids in other galaxies gave rise to another astounding discovery: that our universe is not static, but expanding!

Addition to the HAS Texas 45 Honor Roll

Congratulations to the latest Texas 45 awardee: Carlos Maria Arieu. Carlos earned the silver level visual award, at the dark site as required, and then completed the list again at home with his EAA equipment! Want to know more about EAA, electronic assisted astronomy? Catch the October Regular Meeting, either online via Zoom or recorded on the HAS YouTube channel. Congratulations, Carlos!

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