December 2021

Hunting the Hunter: Observing Orion - Night Sky Network

by David Prosper

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Hunting the Hunter: Observing Orion

If you are outside on a clear January night, it’s hard not to notice one distinctive star pattern above all: Orion!  While we’ve covered Orion in earlier articles, we’ve never discussed observing the constellation as a whole. Perhaps you’ve received a new telescope, camera, or binoculars, and are eager to test it out. Orion, being large, prominent, and full of interesting, bright objects, is a perfect constellation to test out your new equipment and practice your observing skills - for beginners and seasoned stargazers alike. 211229km_nsn_photo.jpg

Messier Column - January 2022


by Jim King

By the time you read this column, I expect the new year will be well on its way. With the JWST having been launched, hopefully we will be treated to answers to some nagging questions.  Freely admitting I am not an expert, my understanding is JWST will be working hand in hand with Hubble.  What an exciting future for astronomy!

For my own meager contributions in this column, since we have been on this journey for a while, new objects in easily observable time frame are getting a little hard to come by.  This month’s trio M5, M13 and M83 are easily seen… as long as you don’t mind staying up until well after midnight.

So, here we go.

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