September 2021

Messier Column - October 2021

Original article appears in GuideStar October, 2021.

by Jim King

We have evidence that Messier may have been in poor physical condition during his later life. In 1802, Herschel visited the 72 year-old Messier in Paris, writing in his diary that Messier had “complained of having suffered much from his accident of falling into an ice cellar – an accident that had occurred two decades earlier.  Messier had also lost his wife and suffered from failing eyesight.  Although he continued to make the occasional observations, the climb up the octagonal tower to his telescopes must have also become arduous to his weary bones, especially on cold, damp nights.


(I can relate)


Asterisms – Kimble’s Kite, Kite Cluster

Original article appears in GuideStar October, 2021.

By: Steve Goldberg

Asterism: a grouping of stars that form a recognizable pattern.
Constellation: Cassiopeia
Right Ascension:  03h 27m 00.0s
Declination: +71° 50' 00"
Magnitude: 7 to 8
Size: 1.5 Degrees                            

This month’s Asterism is called Kimble’s Kite or the Kite Cluster. It is on the border of Cassiopeia and Camelopardalis.

To locate this grouping, use Delta δ and Epsilon ε CAS as pointers to Gamma γ CAM.

Notice of election to fill vacant Treasurer seat at October meeting

Our esteemed treasurer, Mike Edstrom, has tendered his resignation due to health issues that he must focus on and take care of.  I accepted his resignation and wish Mike all the best as he works to regain his health.

Mike has spoken to member Bonnie Neuren about stepping in to fill the role, pending an election by the Membership.  Bonnie is more than qualified to perform these duties and has been filling in to assist with our financial reports and other responsibilities.  Our bylaws require at least 15 days notice of said election, so we will conduct the election to fill this vacancy for the remainder of this term at our October 1 General meeting.  Bonnie has offered to continue in this role, should she be nominated and elected.  We will also take nominations from the floor.  This post will serve as formal notification to the Membership.

Joe Khalaf

President – Houston Astronomical Society

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