September 2019

Asterisms – Mini Coat Hanger

By: Steve Goldberg  (Posted 9/13/2019)

Asterism: a grouping of stars that form a recognizable pattern.
Constellation: Ursa Minor
Right Ascension:  16h 29m 37.9s
Declination: +80° 16' 19"
Magnitude: 9 to 11
Size:  20’ 
This month’s asterism is the “Mini Coat Hanger”. The more famous “Coat Hanger” is in Vulpecula, a nice binocular or low power asterism. The “Mini Coat Hanger” is just that, a mini version.





The asterism located just off a line from Zeta ζ Ursa Minor, a corner star in the bowl, and Epsilon ε Ursa Minor, the first bright star in the handle.








In this medium power eyepiece you can definitely see how the “mini” coat hanger resembles the “major” coat hanger.


Doing a Google search for “Mini Coat Hanger”, the first in the list points to our own Guidestar article from May, 2017, written by the Guidestar Editor, Bill Pellerin. The link is:


Outreach - Westbury Community Garden

In the Pink.JPG

The Houston Astronomical Society held another outreach event at the Westbury Community Garden in southwest Houston on September 10, 2019. This is the second event held at the location. The skies were iffy around sunset with clouds and lightning far to the north. Luckily, the objects for the night: Moon, Jupiter and Saturn were in the southeast, opposite from the storms. Because of the possibility of rain, the attendance was not as expected. Still, we had about 75 people show up. Most telescopes were aimed at those three main objects. However, one 8” telescope went for other objects like the Ring - M57, Hercules cluster - M13, and double star - Albireo. Through Amelia’s “pink” telescope, we had 82 different views.

We had eight telescopes with 11 volunteers. We would like to thank those that brought their telescopes to the event: Dan and Rebe Roy, Jim King, Leah Hall, Debbie Moran, Ed Fraini with wife Anita and daughter Karla, and Lauren Herrington.

Steve & Amelia

Discovery Green report for 7 Sep 19

DiscoveryGreen PinkAmelia.jpg

Last night was our monthly outreach event at Discovery Green. The park was packed, as usual on a Saturday night. When we arrived around 7:15, Jim King and Jim McLarty were already set up.  Jim McLarty had used his go-to to find Jupiter so I started with views of the moon.  Once Saturn popped out, I switched to it.  We all had long lines at our telescopes until well after 10:00. We finally took down around 10:45. The picture below was taken right after we set up and doesn’t show the long lines. We counted 485 people looked through my telescope.

There were 3 HAS first timers to outreach there, Andres Salaverria and his wife.  Sorry, we didn’t get the other new member’s name. There were also 5 non-HAS people there with telescopes. Three were potential club members. One of them had already attended one of our meetings.

Thanks Jim & Jim for helping out.

Amelia & Steve

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