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TUESDAY POPUP Observatory Training

Rene Gedaly, Observatory Trainer

Wherever you are, Houston, Katy, Columbus...TONIGHT IS THE NIGHT TO GET OUTSIDE

** Clear weather is forecast Tuesday night so PopUp Observatory Training is a GO! ** Open to all qualified members ** Start time: 4 pm CDT **

beautifulWeather.PNGTo sign up for observatory training
  1. Check your class prerequisites (links below). Basically, you’ve been a dues paying member for at least 6 months, have taken the 2019 online orientation, and have a working knowledge of equatorial mounts. 

  2. Email your RSVP to Observatory Director Chris Ober at [email protected]. Chris will check your prerequisites and add you to the class. It’s first come, first serve to the first six students.

  3. Brown bag your dinner. We start at 4 pm and will break for dinner in the picnic area. 

Hope you’re as excited as your trainers are. Hopefully you can make it, too, but the skies won’t go to waste in any case.

All prerequisites are on the website, but in particular, make sure you've taken this year's Dark Site Orientation or you’ll miss out. 

Class Prereqs
Dark Site Orientation
Observatory Calendar 

** C14 refresher is also available. Contact [email protected] to sign up and/or get the new procecedure **

By: Steve Goldberg  (Posted 3/18/2019)

Asterism: a grouping of stars that form a recognizable pattern.
Constellation: Leo
Right Ascension: 09h 38m 00.0s
Declination: +15° 17' 00"
Magnitude:  8 to 11
Size: 15’ (minutes)

This asterism is called “Greg’s 3” because it was discovered by Greg Parker. It is located inside a triangle with stars Regulas α Leo, Eta η Leo and the “center” star in Cancer, Delta δ.  



In this eyepiece view, you can see the bright stars that make up the asterism. The circle FOV is with an eyepiece giving 80x.





Here is the asterism with the “3” drawn in.


Here is an article from 2013 in “Earth Science Picture of the Day” publication. Read the article here.


Women's Observatory Training NO GO this Saturday

3-16-19.PNGWomen's Observatory Training is NO GO this Saturday… The various weather forecasts have converged on cloudy skies for Saturday, Mar 16. So, dedicated observers that we are, we will try again next Saturday, Mar 23, 2019. 

Rene Gedaly
Observatory Trainer