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As a large astronomy club serving a major US metropolitan area, HAS in a very real way has a schizophrenic identity. On the one hand, we have members who have spent much of their adult lives in the hobby and have been a part of HAS for decades.  On the other, we attract many new members every year, who are mostly younger, and many are just entering the hobby.

If you look at the demographics of HAS, nearly 50% of our members have been members for two years or less, and 80% have been members for less than 8 years. Yet it seems that our more experienced members (those with 5 or more years as members) seem to be our most active members. Looked at from this perspective, one could view our membership in terms of two main groups – the Old Guard and the Newbies. 

It also naturally leads to the question, with such a dichotomy in our membership, is HAS serving our members? In order to answer this question, we need to understand our members and what membership in HAS means to each group.

Annual Messier Challenge Program

This catalogue identifies 110 of the most-observable and beautiful objects, visible in the northern hemisphere, that we as novice and more experienced astronomers alike, can enjoy searching out and observing.  These objects can be found using almost any level of decent modern telescope with many visible simply with good binoculars or even by plain eyesight.  Some can be seen from your back yard.  Others will require darker locales or periodic trips to a dark site.

Congrats Certified Observatory Telescope Operators

2018-11-03 Class.png

It was do or die on this fourth attempt to get trained during "good enough" weather. So after graduating, the class danced a jig to celebrate.
Congratulations to the November 3, 2018 class of certified observatory telescope operators!
from left: Mike McCurdy, Richard Echols, Jeff Barney, Eric Barney, and RC Johnson
Trainers: Ed Fraini, Rene Gedaly

Once again, HAS is holding a Holiday potluck party!
Friday December 7, 2018 6:00pm to 8:45pm

Trini Mendenhall Community Center, 1414 Wirt Rd. Houston, TX 77055

HAS provides the spiral ham and turkey and you bring the sides ... yum!

5:30 pm Setup. Place potluck items in the kitchen and grab a chair in the auditorium. 
6:00 pm - "Who Am I?" Find clues by asking meeting other members and asking who they are. Match their real names to the list of 10 famous figures of astronomy for DOOR PRIZES and bragging rights!
6:00 pm – Member Astrophotography Exhibit and People's Choice!
6:30 pm – Dinner lines open
7:00 pm – Program: Video Presentation "Mars Are We There Yet?" Dr. Patricia Craig LPI Cosmic Explorations Speaker Series - April 20, 2017

8:00 pm – Astrophtography Contest Winners and Drawing for Door Prizes!
8:30 pm – Adjourn and Clean Up!

RSVP on Sign-up Genius at: ​​​