What Astronomers Need to Know About Nothing

September 02, 2016: What Astronomers Need to Know About Nothing

Novice Meeting: 6:30PM
Novice Meeting Topic: 
The Telescope Loaner Program
Novice Meeting Speaker: 
Allen Wilkerson, Telescope Chairperson
General Meeting: 7:15PM
General Meeting Topic: 
What Astronomers Need to Know About Nothing
General Meeting Speaker: 
Don Selle, Treasurer
About the General Meeting Presentation


To many amateur astronomers, space is the volume between the stars and other deep sky objects we love to observe which has nothing in it. It turns out that this is only mostly correct, as there is a very tiny amount of stuff in interstellar space. But the stuff that is there has had a profound effect on how we view the universe, and is hugely important to the evolution of our galaxy and even of life itself. 

Come take a brief tour of our home galaxy and as we travel we'll explore the (almost) nothing that is the interstellar medium.

At the Novice session

In September, Allen Wilkerson will tell you everything you need to know about the HAS Loaner Telescope Program. The HAS has a number of telescopes that have been donated over the years for the purpose of loaning out to the membership after you have been a member for a short time. Allen will tell you about these telescopes, which ones are easiest to use for novices, how to care for them and how to go about borrowing one. The Society depends upon responsible use of the program in order to be able to continue making this fantastic benefit available to members. We recommend to everyone that they take a look at the various telescopes at star parties before making a decision on buying their first telescope.

At the end of the presentation, our president Rene Gedaly will talk a bit about the Texas 45, an observing list she designed to be completed at our dark site.

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Meetings are held at the Trini Mendenhall Community Center, which is located at 1414 Wirt Rd, Houson, TX 77055.

PARKING INFORMATION: Free parking in the lot in front of the TMCC.

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