Membership Seminars at UH

June 02, 2017: Membership Seminars at UH

Novice Meeting: 6:30PM
Novice Meeting Topic: 
Exploring Ursa Major and The Big Dipper
Novice Meeting Speaker: 
Ed Fraini
General Meeting: 7:15PM
General Meeting Topic: 
Science Fair Presentations
General Meeting Speaker: 
Houston 2017 Science & Engineering Fair Awardees
About the General Meeting Presentation

HAS is pleased to have the 2017 Science Engineering Fair students present their HAS award-winning projects at our main meeting.

Kevin Jung, St. John’s School
Synthesis and Characterization of Multi-Walled Carbon Nanotubes and Application in a Solar Sail for Breakthrough Starshot

Wittiker Schlauch, Clear Brook High School
Cryogenic Thermosuit for Manned Mission to Titan

Emma Mroz, Tomball Memorial HS
Transit Photometry and Spectroscopy of Tabby’s Star

Jimmy Xin, Pershing Middle School
The Dark Side of the Cosmos: The Effects of Dark Energy on the Expansion of the Universe

Sahana Ganapathy, League City Intermediate School
Eye in the Sky (computing Mars' position in the sky)

Parking and Directions (View Map)

Meetings are held at the Trini Mendenhall Community Center, which is located at 1414 Wirt Rd, Houson, TX 77055.

PARKING INFORMATION: Free parking in the lot in front of the TMCC.

Map to Trini Mendenhall Community Center

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