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Meeting Date
Novice Meeting Topic
Meteors and Meteorites
Novice Meeting Speaker
Bill Spizzirri
General Meeting Topic
Conjunctions and Alignments
General Meeting Speaker
Justin McCollum, Lamar University

Conjunctions and Alignments are astronomical events in which a combination of planets, bright stars, the Earth's Moon, Asteroids, and in some case Human-made objects appear in a particular pattern in the night sky.

In the case of conjunctions such objects can appear as alignments, but in most cases they tend to form patterns that can be distinct against the usual background of constellations. Alignments are a special case of conjunctions where a collection of stars and certain celestial bodies residing within the solar system appear to connect together as a linear grouping usually along the plane of the ecliptic.

This presentation will be a general and detailed look at the nature of conjunctions and alignments.

At the Novice Session

Bill Spizzirri will speak about Meteors and Meteorites. Topics include the asteroid belt and comets as sources of meteors, why meteor showers occur, types of meteors, and impact craters. He may come with a little show and tell from his personal meteorite collection. Bill is always an entertaining speaker no matter the topic. You won’t want to miss this one!