December HAS Meeting

December 04, 2015: December HAS Meeting

Novice Meeting: 6:30PM
Novice Meeting Topic: 
All About Eyepieces
Novice Meeting Speaker: 
Allen Wilkerson, Telescope Chair
General Meeting: 7:15PM
General Meeting Topic: 
Rosetta & Philae - A Spacecraft's Journey to a Comet
General Meeting Speaker: 
Justin McCollum, Physics Laboratory Coordinator, Lamar University
About the General Meeting Presentation

Justin McCollum

The Rosetta Spacecraft is a predominantly ESA Mission developed by a league of European countries with the purpose of achieving the first ever robotic craft to orbit the nucleus of a comet.

Rosetta has an amazing suite of Scientific instruments and packages to investigate the structure, composition, and morphology of a comet in all of its intertwined components - the tails, the coma, and the nucleus along with its interactions with interplanetary dust and the interplanetary medium. Rosetta also has a second robotic vehicle; the Philae lander which piggybacks on the orbiter with the purpose of surface investigations of three nuclei.

An extension of the mission would allow the Rosetta Orbiter to remain in orbit well into 2016. The United States through NASA has a minimal participation in this project via the contribution of three scientific instruments for research into 67P.

At the Novice Presentation

Ever wonder why it is a meaningless question to ask what “power” a telescope is? What in the world is “eye relief” or “exit pupil?” Come learn all about eyepieces in December with a talk for novices and experienced observers too by Loaner Telescope Chair Allen Wilkerson. Learn how eyepieces function, how to choose the right eyepiece for the object you are looking at, how to choose eyepieces that will work best with your telescope and why you may someday want to splurge.

We will also vote to change the January 2016 meeting date from January 1st to January 8th.

Parking and Directions (View Map)

Meetings are held at the Trini Mendenhall Community Center, which is located at 1414 Wirt Rd, Houson, TX 77055.

PARKING INFORMATION: Free parking in the lot in front of the TMCC.

Map to Trini Mendenhall Community Center

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