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Meeting Date
Novice Meeting Topic
Introduction to HAS Outreach Program
Novice Meeting Speaker
Alan Rossiter
General Meeting Topic
Lunar Swirls
General Meeting Speaker
Georgiana Kramer, Ph.D.

Lunar swirls are unusual, curvilinear surface features the origin of which has been debated for many years, but a consensus that explains their formation remains elusive. From the collection of measurements over the past 40 years, we know that every swirl is: 1) spectrally immature, and 2) associated with a local magnetic anomaly (although not every lunar magnetic anomaly has a recognized swirl). New measurements from four recent international lunar missions and the active collaboration of experts in the scientific fields from which these instruments derive have begun to shed new light on the elusive lunar swirls. The wide range of scientific fields and instrument observations demonstrates that the study of lunar swirls is more than just a study of a lunar phenomenon. The swirls provide a laboratory to study the solar wind, space weathering, and complex electromagnetic interactions in the solar system.