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Join us at the Trini Mendenhall Community Center on the first Friday of each month!

HAS meetings feature a variety of speakers and topics of interest to the amateur astronomer. Each meeting consists of a Novice session at 6:30PM and General session at 7:15PM. At each general meeting, the program committee arranges for a speaker to talk on a topic of interest to the amateur astronomer. Some talks given over past years include:

March 06, 2020: March Monthly Meeting

6:30PM. Novice Meeting: "Navigating the Spring Sky" (Debbie Moran)
7:15PM. General Meeting: Getting Appolo to the Moon and Back Again (Don Cooper - NASA Physicist and Mathemetician)


What did it take to accomplish this history making project? Hear an on the scene account from one of the NASA scientists who helped make that dream a reality.

Using a Saturn V scale model, a slide show and a voice recording of the lunar landing, F. Don Cooper shares his experience in creating the technology to launch Apollo 11 and how his team contributed to bring the Apollo 13 crew safely home in 1970. His presentation appeals to all ages.

Cooper worked as a mathematician at the George C. Marshall NASA center in Huntsville, Alabama where he helped create the equations to send the astronauts from earth orbit toward the moon. He then came to Houston to work for the Johnson Spacecraft Center.

After retiring, Cooper began to encourage a new generation to pursue a future in the physical sciences. He speaks at schools, libraries and colleges, hoping to inspire students to become the technology leaders of tomorrow. "My objective is to emphasize that education is essential and show how math and physics are used to solve real world problems."

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