July Regular Meeting - IN PERSON and via Zoom

July 08, 2022, 6:30PM: July Regular Meeting - IN PERSON and via Zoom

The Lives and Observing Records of William and Caroline Herschel

With Larry Mitchell


Abstract – In the mid 18th century based on the work of Sir Isaac Newton,  it was thought the universe beyond the solar system was unchanging. William Herschel completely changed this theory, along with many more generally accepted ideas.

Without any formal training he established concepts which persisted for the next 100 years and provided the very foundation of today’s astronomical knowledge. This is why today he is known as the “Father of modern astronomy”. Most people have no idea of the huge database Herschel provided, based solely on his visual observations through instruments he built. These were the finest observations the world had seen, up to that time.

Larry is in possession of every scientific paper William Herschel published and will present information not seen elsewhere. We hope you can attend this very informative presentation.


Our Speaker : We are fortunate to have many accomplished members in HAS and one of them is certainly our own Larry Mitchell.  Larry has been a long time member of HAS. He is strictly a visual ‘Star-hopping‘ observer but admits that he greatly appreciates the work provided by imagers. During his observing carreer, Larry has:

- Observed all 2,508 objects Wm Herschel discovered including the ‘nonexistents’.

-Authored the Mitchell Anonymous  catalog, the MAC which consists of 117,300 previously uncatalogued galaxies. 

-Discovered supernova SN1994S.

- Served as Chairman of visual observing programs for the Texas Star Party and for the Stellafane Convention.

- Owned too many telescopes but mainly uses 36-inch and 20 inch Dobsonians, and a 7 inch refractor.

To Register for Zoom Meeting: Our July General meeting will be IN PERSON and Live Streamed via Zoom for those not able to attend in person. If you wish to attend via Zoom you must register for the meeting. 

Please use the following link to register: https://us02web.zoom.us/meeting/register/tZApduiqpzgsH9Bot0OepBpKcNLLi0mqhjo9

Please watch your email, as you should also receive an email inviting you attend. The email will include any up to date changes (if any) on meeting times etc. You may also register using the link in the email, however it is only necessary to register once.  

We'll have the online chat feature available to us during the talk, so that you can post your questions. During the Q&A period the moderator will take questions from both the live audience and from those attending remotely. We hope to see you either IN PERSON or online with us on Friday evening July 8th!

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