BYOP & Flash Star Party is a GO!

January 14, 2023, 2:30PM: BYOP & Flash Star Party is a GO!

Saturday, Jan 14. Sunset 5:48 pm. Astro dark 7:12 pm. Moonrise 12:53 am (Sunday).

Note: Comet C/2022 E3 is an early Sunday morning object. If the weather stays clear, I will have the C14 trained on it. Members, contact [email protected] to reserve a bunk in the family, women’s, or men’s bunkhouse.

Per SkyTools: On this night C/2022 E3 (ZTF) is best visible between 03:35 and 06:20, with the optimum view at 05:51. Look for it in Bootes, high in the sky in moonlight. It is easy visually in the 10x50 Binoculars. It is magnitude 6.5 with a diameter of 9.0 arc minutes. 

Follow the weather with me on

If the weather cooperates, let’s do a flash star party and bring your own picnic. If it’s a go, I’ll send a notice to all members via the usual channels: email, Facebook group, Discord, and this website.

You bring your own picnic: food to grill, or a picnic basket, or fast food from Columbus, and a chair. I’ll be at the picnic area around 2:30pm to open things up—come by and say hi, whether you’re cooking or not! We’ll start shutting down around 4:30pm so we can finish setting up on the observing field by sunset. 

Observing is your choice. However, if you’re interested in learning to view some great objects using binoculars, I’ll have the BINO SIG sign set up on the field. Just bring your binoculars and chair. I’ll have printed sky maps, red flashlights, and clip boards for us to use.

Rene Gedaly
Field Trip & Observing Chairperson
[email protected]

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