Total Lunar Eclipse!

May 15, 2022, 11:11AM: Total Lunar Eclipse!

Maximum in Greater Houston at 11:11 pm Sunday night. For more, check out To see a model of what the eclipse will look like from your backyard, enter your location in the lookup field on the timeanddate website.EclipseLookUp.png


Do you have the 2022 Observer’s Handbook? Check out Fred Espenak’s article Eclipses in 2022, p.126ff. There’s a fascinating discussion about how to estimate the Moon’s magnitude during totality using a pair of binoculars turned backward(!) and comparing that view to some well-placed, well-known stars. See p. 138. Email your observations to Dr. Richard A. Keen (University of Colorado) at [email protected].

Rene Gedaly
Field Trip & Observing Chair


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