Main Meeting - June 2021 - via Zoom

June 04, 2021, 7:00PM: Main Meeting - June 2021 - via Zoom

 “The Texas Star Party – Advanced Observing Program – 2021, The Best of the Rest of the Advanced Observing Programs”

Speaker : Larry Mitchell

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Abstract For the past 20 years, Larry Mitchell has been the author of the Texas Star Party’s (TSP) Advanced Observing Program.  The goal of the list is to educate as well as to challenge. For many people attending TSP completing “Larry’s List” is a challenge they look forward to each year. 

During the 20 years the Advanced Observing Program has been in existence, TSP has hosted many very interesting speakers, and events. Larry will highlight  several of these and describe how “Larry’s List” has been influenced by them.

This year’s program is a “best of” the last 20 years. By popular demand, it includes a variety of night sky wonders, several of which are seldom visited by amateur astronomers. According to Larry, this year’s list is the easiest to complete and is a reward to all those observers who have suffered “retinal torture” attempting to complete of any of the previous 20 year’s lists.

Even though the in person TSP has been canceled due to the pandemic, you can still participate as part of the Virtual Texas Star Party to be held online during the evenings of June 10th through June 12th

Searching for these objects under the dark West Texas skies on the Prude Ranch in Ft. Davis is a big part of TSP for them, an experience Larry would like all amateur astronomers to share. “We get to view nature on its grandest scale.  We have the entire universe as our playground and we get to play from a very dark, dry and transparent west Texas Sky – and we get to do it for a whole week”

How awsome is that?


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Our Speaker – We are fortunate to have many accomplished members in HAS and one of them is certainly our own Larry Mitchell. He is recognized throughout the community of amateur astronomers as an accomplished visual observer, and has spent much time and effort educating other astronomers and helping them to become accomplished observers themselves. 

Larry is the author of the Texas Star Party Advanced Observing Program. His enthusiasm and dedication to this program over the past 20 years has contributed much to the education and experience gained by the many people who have participated in it.


Since we're still practicing safe social distancing, we will bring our June Speaker to you virtually through the Zoom online meeting platform! You must register for this presentation in order to attend. You may do so by using the link below:

Please watch your email, as you should also receive an email inviting you attend. The email will include any up to date changes (if any) on meeting times etc. You may also register using the link in the email, however it is only necessary to register once.  

We'll have the online chat feature available to us during the talk, and once the presentation is over, we can open up the audio lines for more questions.  I'm excited that this we're able to get together in this fashion, and I hope you can join us then.  We hope to see you online with us on Friday evening June 4th !

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