HAS Novice Presentation - Via Zoom

January 07, 2021, 7:00PM: HAS Novice Presentation - Via Zoom

AB Observatory.pngWinter Observing

 by Debbie Moran

Novice Committee Chairperson

Debbie Moran will discuss observing during the winter months. She will provide lots of good advice about planning your observing session and how to stay warm on those cold clear nights.

Observing during the winter months can be very rewarding. Earlier sunsets and longer nights mean that we can get a significant amount of observing time in the evening, and still get some sleep. The colder air holds less humidity which results in a darker sky, and better visibility of dimmer objects. It doesn't matter if you have binoculars, a small telescope or something more significant, there are many wonderful winter objects to behold. 

Debbie will highlight some of the gems of the Winter Sky. She tells us what to look for, where to find them. it and how to stay warm on those cold clear nights. Debbie will also explain the mythology behind many of the Winter Sky's fantastic sights.


Who should Attend?

Anyone who is interested in the winter night sky, whether a new astronomer or seasoned observer should consider attending as Debbie’s talk will contain something for all.


To Register for Zoom Meeting: Since we're all practicing safe social distancing, we have decided to bring our speaker to you virtually through the Zoom online meeting platform! You must register for this presentation in order to attend. You may do so by using the link below: 


Please watch your email, as you should also receive an email inviting you attend. The email will include any up to date changes (if any) on meeting times etc. You may also register using the link in the email, however it is only necessary to register once.  

We'll have the online chat feature available to us during the talk, and once the presentation is over, we can open up the audio lines for more questions.  I'm excited that this we're able to get together in this fashion, and I hope you can join us then.  We hope to see you online with us on Thursday evening January 7th!

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