HAS Main Speaker Presentation

September 11, 2020, 7:00PM: HAS Main Speaker Presentation

Volcanism on Venus: Evidence for Very Young Volcanism

with Dr. Justin Filiberto

Dr Justin Filiberto.jpg

Volcanoes on Venus have been detected on the surface going back to Mariner in 1962 when it flew by Venus. Rocks were then analyzed by Soviet landers starting in 1967 giving some insights into the chemistry of Venus, albeit with large error bars. Since then NASA’s Magellan mission and ESA’s Venus Express mission imaged the surface of Venus and detected what look like fresh lava flows. The question then remained how old are these fresh lava flows on Venus? Here, I will discuss what we know of volcanoes and lava flows on Venus and use new laboratory results to constrain the age of the youngest lava flows. My work has shown that lava flows on Venus should alter incredibly quickly (on days to year time scales) and therefore the lava flows that look fresh from orbit, particularly at Idunn Mons, are likely very recent.

Speaker Bio Dr. Justin Filiberto is the lead author of a paper published in January of this year which presented evidence that there are very young lava flows on Venus. He is Senior Staff Scientist at the Lunar and Planetary Institute is a planetary petrologist and geochemist. His work crosses disciplines and planetary bodies by combining investigations of basalt formation using petrology, mineralogy, geochemistry, and geophysics in order to constrain crustal and mantle evolution in the inner solar system. His work spans multiple planetary bodies – Mars, Venus, the Earth, and the Moon – to revolutionize our understanding of the volatile content of planetary interiors by investigating the igneous diversity of planetary magmas.

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