CANCELLED-Messier Marathon 2020

March 21, 2020, 7:00PM: CANCELLED-Messier Marathon 2020

Snag your pad at the Dark Site—plenty of social distancing—and observe when the weather allows! New moon is Saturday March 21, but the nights before and after, if clear enough, will allow a mini-marathon.
The hot beverage bar will not be open so bring an insulated coffee mug. Bring your own eyepieces and extra to swap out for your guests. Also bring whatever hygiene products are needed to wipe down surfaces.
Have fun. But keep safe.

It’s back! HAS will hold a Messier Marathon in 2020. Hope you have excellent vision, 20-20 even. Prime night is Saturday, March 21 and back up is the following Saturday, March 28. Details to come.

Good news, bad news: You can’t count Messier Marathon observations towards the Astro League’s Messier list. Sigh, that’s bad. The good news is if you complete the marathon, you can count up to 32 objects on the HAS Texas 45 list, just 13 more to go!

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