Cancelled. Observatory Training

October 01, 2022, 12:00PM: Cancelled. Observatory Training

*** Training Postponed ***

Training covers opening and closing the observatory, operating the Celestron C14 telescope, and securing the building in case of emergency. After a short dinner break, students will reconvene to demonstrate competence in these areas:

  • Understanding the burden of responsibility for the facility
  • Documenting  "as found” and “as left” condition of the observatory
  • Proper startup and shutdown of the C14 telescope
  • Use of emergency building procedures

Check training prerequisites here: Observatory Training Prereqs. To sign up for class, watch for my email to go out via [email protected] and respond to Observatory Director Christopher Ober at [email protected]. The first six RSVPs will be added to the roster.

Rene Gedaly
Field Trip & Observing Chairperson

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