Thank you Mark Holdsworth, aka Mr Netslyder

Mark Holdsworth, aka Mr Netslyder, has taken down his shingle. Incidentally, in addition to providing the information pipeline for a generation of astronomy enthusiasts in Houston, Mark is also a former officer of the Society having served as Secretary. Says Mark:[...]

Greetings all,

Well, after 18 years of hosting the list servers for the various 
astronomy clubs and many other astronomy related list the time has come 
to turn over the task to others.

Since I'm retired and the service and server do cost money I will be 
terminating all list servers as of July 21st, 2019 which begins the next 
billing period for this particular server.

I've enjoyed helping all the clubs and related groups over the years and 
will miss this but I do still have clients on my servers and will be 
concentrating my efforts on them.

Mark Ferraz is in the process of transitioning the primary HAS list to 
Gaggle and doing a fantastic job.  I'm sure he will be more than willing 
to be of assistance in helping the other clubs to transition as well.

If the list moderators, and Mark will contact me I can shoot you a list 
of users and their email address.

Clear skies.

Mark Holdsworth
Netslyder, Inc.

We’ll miss you, too, Mark. Godspeed.

Rene Gedaly, Editor-in-Chief


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