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Logs for the Messier Marathon

MM_Log.pdf One page checklist in The Year-Round Messier Marathon Field Guide observing sequence

MM_Log_Harrington.pdf  One page checklist in the Philip S. Harrington observation sequence. This one starts with M45, not M74 or M77, and I can see why he would do this. Includes page #s from the The Year-Round Messier Marathon Field Guide

MM&Tx45Log.pdf This log is organized in observation order. Fill out the requested info at the top of the form so I can send you your award certificate(!), that is, if you also fill out a log report. You can also claim observations made during the marathon toward the HAS Texas 45 program. Just fill out the time and description fields for the indicated Texas 45 objects

Email me at [email protected] for the fillable log

Are you doing the Binocular Messier Marathon?

Craig Lamison has made us a great order for running the Messier Marathon using binoculars! Look for Craig and the Binocular/NSIG sign on the field. Fyi, the NSIG is our latest special interest group. For newbies ;)

Stellarium Tips & Scripts

StellariumCheatSheet.txt includes usage tips covered in Rene’s talk 
MessierCatalogLabels4Stellarium.txt  The full Messier Marathon catalog. Open this file and the other scripts below for instructions on how to load scripts into Stellarium

Practice the Messier Marathon one manageable region at a time with log sheet in hand:

  1. Evening Rush 
  2. Leo-UMa region 
  3. Com-Vir region
  4. After Midnight
  5. Sco-Sgr region
  6. Early Dawn

Highly Recommended

Get your copy of “The Year-Round Messier Marathon Field Guide” by Harvard Pennington from Sky Publishing:

Rt-click the files attached below and select ‘Save link as...’ to download to your computer 

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