HAS Email List Moves to Gaggle Mail

HAS Members had been noticing problems with the AstroList email list service. Not Neslyder, but hosted by a different company... not officialy named Astrolist. It’s complicated. 

However with the retirement of Mark Holdsworth, whose company Netslyder, Inc. supported the Netslyder email list service for our sister astronomy clubs, your HAS Board of Directors agreed with Mark Ferraz that it was a good time to move to a service under consideration for over a year. For enquiring minds, it’s called Gaggle Mail.

Says Mark:[...]

The new email list is live, users (have been) added and notified about the change. An announcement was made to Facebook group as well, and the email list page on our web site has been updated to reflect the new list address and provides the ability for active members to self-add to the list as well.

It takes a lot of hard work on the part of some to make it so easy for the rest of us. Thank you Web Technology Chair, Webmaster, and Director Mark Ferraz.

Rene Gedaly, Editor-in-Chief

Attention Members: If you have changed the email account you use for astronomy and need to get on the new list, update the form here: https://astronomyhouston.org/content/clone-email-list. Since you’ll need to login, you can also update your membership profile so we can keep the membership database current.

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