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Shallow Sky Object of the Month: Diadem—Alpha Com

Original article appears in GuideStar January, 2015.

The Diadem

by Bill Pellerin, GuideStar editor

Update: The AAVSO has posted a notice on its web site that the eclipse will not happen at the anticipated date and time.

Object: Diadem—Alpha Com
Class: Double Star
Magnitude: 4.32
R.A.: 13 h, 9 m, 59 s
Dec: 17 degrees, 31 minutes, 48 seconds
Distance: 47 ly
Constellation: Coma Berenices
Spectral: F2
Optics needed: Unaided Eye

Why this object is interesting

The name of this star means crown or other ornament representing royalty. In this case the crown is in the constellation Coma Berenices (Berenice’s hair) and this star represents the crown on the head of queen Berenice.

All well and good, but the thing that makes this star interesting to observers is that it is a binary star consisting of two mag 5 stars very near each other and with an orbital period of about 26 years. Remember that orbiting objects orbit around the center of mass of the system, so, in this case it’s more like a dance in the sky than it’s like a low mass object orbiting a high mass object.

President's Message

Original article appears in GuideStar January, 2015.

by Rene Gedaly, HAS president

Thank you for voting in the 2015 leadership team; they’re a dynamic group and you can expect continued great things from them. I’m honored to be the next HAS president, and before talking about plans for 2015, I'd like to reflect on how much has been accomplished during the tenures of my recent predecessors.
The framework for a 21st century society
The new website had its genesis while Ken Miller was president and it continues to transform our organization. Gordon Houston developed a new set of observers through his basic observational astronomy class, a well-attended urban observing program, and his two-minute drill that brought basic astronomy education to the general membership meeting. The scaffolding was now in place for an HAS renaissance.

Elected leaders for 2015

Congratulations to these members elected to leadership positions for 2015 at the December 5, 2014 Annual Membership meeting:

Office Officer / Director Committee Chairperson
President Rene Gedaly Audit Scott Mitchell
Vice President John Haynes Education & Outreach Bram Weisman
Secretary Bill Flanagan Field Trip & Observing Stephen Jones
Treasurer Don Selle Membership Steve Fast
Director Ash Alashqar Novice Debbie Moran
Director Mark Holdsworth Observatory Mike Edstrom
Director Jessica Kingsley Program Justin McCollum
Director Debbie Moran Publicity Bram Weisman
Director Bram Weisman Telescope Allen Wilkerson

HAS Texas 45 Honor Roll

Congratulations to the following members who have completed the HAS Texas 45 observing program. A special congratulations to newest awardee, Clayton Jeter, who earned the gold level award by star hopping to 65 objects, 15 objects each season plus 5 solar system objects of his choice.

  • Clayton Jeter, gold level award, 65 objects via star hopping, certificate #7
  • Steve Fast, gold level award, 65 objects via star hopping, certificate #1
  • Rob Torrey, silver level award, 65 objects, certificate #2
  • Rene Gedaly, gold level award, 65 objects via star hopping, certificate #3
  • Chris Thiede, gold level award, 65 objects via star hopping, certificate #4
  • Amelia Goldberg, silver level award, 45 objects via star hopping, certificate #5
  • Craig Lamison, silver level award, 45 objects via star hopping, certificate #6

For more information about the HAS Texas 45 observing program, check out the Programs section of this website.

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